About us

Feel like treating yourself to an Authentic North Indian Meal???

Pind Balluchi is the ideal place to satiate all your North Indian food cravings and transports you into the quintessential Pind of Punjab. Known across the country for its delectable North Indian Delicacies, The experience starts from the entrance itself where effigy of traditionally attired Sardar Ji is sitting in a Manji (traditional cot) and Durban in a typical punjabi dress welcomes you with a Sat Sri Akal. The traditional entrance doors, jharokhas, wooden chairs, lanterns add on to the entire village set up along with the waiters of the restaurant who are attired in a traditional uniform.

Artificial Banyan Tree under the romantic and cozy moon lit sky effects, mud plastered walls, jharokhas with dazzling hanging beads and bangles play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of the restaurant. The open kitchen of the restaurant resembles an open dhaba with simmering effects of tandoors and steamy tawa preparations which makes your dining experience a memorable one.


Shri. Jaspal Singh Chadha

(Chairman - JS Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd)

The company, J.S Hospitality is fastest growing group and is owned by Shri Jaspal Singh Chadha. Since its launch, in 1992 the company has rapidly grown to become a dynamic force in the hospitality industry in Delhi NCR and has recently started spreading its wings across the country through franchisee routes. Shri. JS Chadha has been in the industry for last 24 years and has always believed that all restaurants seem to be adopting Global Cuisines today. However, our own Indian food specially North Indian , is more permanent than other cuisines which are more likeable by the Indian Palate, which is the prime reason behind the concept of Pind Balluchi.