Sat Shri Akal

PIND BALLUCHI is known across the country for its delectable Frontier food, and is the ideal hotspot if you want to dine in a place that transports you into the quintessential Pind in Punjab.

But what takes pride of place at PIND BALLUCHI is its sumptuous menu that has more than 100 varieties of Punjabi and North Indian dishes on offer to satiate your taste buds. The village style interiors of PIND BALLUCHI is something that differentiates it from other eateries. All the outlets are a fine example of balance where traditional and the modern design elements co-exist in natural harmony with five elements of nature : air,water,earth,fire and, aether. The open kitchen which is a focal point of the restaurant, gives PIND BALLUCHI its heart and soul, and exudes a feeling of dining in a virtual food factory.

Chef’s Recommendation


Hung Curd mixed with spices wrapped with a thin layer of bread and fried

Dahi Ke Kebab

Whole black lentil cooked overnight with butter and cream

Dal Balluchi


A mild spiced mutton curry cooked in a traditional home style gravy

Dhaba Meat


Chicken cooked in coriander cooked gravy

Dhaniya Murgh


Mushroom and Spring onions cooked with masala gravy

Khumbh Pyaaz Bhujia


Whole chicken marinated in a unique golden marination with Lahori spices, barbecued in Tandoor

Murgh Lahori

Choose your marination from Achari/Peri Peri/Chipotle/Jamaican Jerk/Classic Tandoori

Murgh Tikka


Batter fried mushrooms filled with cheese and khoya

Mushroom Kurkure


Mutton cooked with rice flavored with mint leaves and other spices

Mutton Biryani

Chickpeas cooked with spices and flavored with spices

Pindi Chole

Cottage Cheese fingers dipped first in a mouth smacking spicy marination, dusted with a crispy mix & then golden fried

Spicy Golden Paneer Fingers

A robust preparation of grilled chicken flavored with garlic with chef's secret spices

Tangri Kebab

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